Delivering immediate business improvements using Lean and Lean Six Sigma techniques.
Sustaining improvements by developing your team's skills.

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Resource Efficiency Derbyshire
Ian Jackson
Delivering sustainable improvement.

We can help you to meet regulatory compliance requirements, deliver cost savings and reduce your environmental impact.

We will keep you abreast of new legislation, new technologies and best practice.


Do you have time to manage your energy usage and environmental impact?

We offer a flexible, tailor made, support service to ensure that you are legally compliant, being environmentally responsible and delivering cost savings.

We can help you with one-off improvement campaigns and initiatives (such as an ESOS assessment) or provide ongoing support services.

Ongoing Support Services
Typically we will visit or contact sites monthly to:

  • capture usage data
  • review current improvement projects
  • identify new opportunities
  • support EHS / facilities / engineering managers in developing improvement plans and budgets.

As lean experts we deliver improvements by collecting and analysing data to focus on low-cost standardisation and behavioural change projects, typically 10 - 15% of usage.

Where your organisation has an energy spend of over £100k, our energy management process should self-fund from the savings delivered.

The key Energy Management steps would be:

  1. Understand total energy / fuel usage.
  2. Identify, capture and analyse available information, including half hourly data from your energy supplier. Then build your energy usage model.
    (MS Excel initially and probably an aM&T system later)
  3. Understand how, when and where your organisation uses energy, and what restrictions there are around making change.
  4. Monitor and analyse actual versus expected usage to Deliver Quick Wins !
  5. Work with the organisation to develop your improvement action plan.
  6. Work with management or improvement teams to deliver sustainable improvements.

If you need this help, please contact us.


Current UK energy and environmental compliance and tax regulations are under review, but existing regulations must continue to be complied with.

Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme (ESOS)

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Dec 5th 2015 was the first ESOS compliance date in the UK and it will continue on a 4 year cycle, unless the legislation is changed.

As an accredited ESOS Lead Assessor we supported 12 organisations through the first compliance period, including a variety of industries, sizes and energy management maturity.

Current energy projects can be incorporated into your next ESOS assessment. We highly recommend that you spend time now identifying, quantifying and implementing energy saving opportunities, whilst specialists and support services can spend quality time assessing opportunities thoroughly.

CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme

This scheme will be abolished following the 2018-2019 compliance year, as part of an overhaul of carbon management and tax schemes.

Climate Change Agreements (CCA)

We have been involved in Climate Change Agreements since they started in 2000, both within a company and with a sector lead body. The CCA schemes are to continue, although it is likely they will be amended as part of the UK carbon management changes in 2019.

If you need help to administer your
CCA scheme, please contact us.

TM44 Certification

Since 2011 buildings with a cooling capacity over 12kW are required to have a TM44 inspection by an accredited assessor at least every 5 years.

We can undertake TM44 inspection and certification for your Air Conditioning systems through our fully qualified and widely experienced associate.

ISO 14001 & ISO 50001 Management Systems

The only internationally recognised management systems to support environmental and energy improvement are ISO 14001 (Environmental) and ISO 50001 (Energy).

We can support clients in achieving accreditation and maintaining both systems, including the new 2015 versions.